My work questions power in different ways, whether if it's power of symbols, systems, social dynamics, or politics. We live in a society where every object signifies multiple meanings and cultural references, and we interpret the world around us based on our own context and knowledge. Objects are sexualized, gendered, raced or somehow labeled and given specific connotations. Being an Iranian artist living and working in Canada and seeing different perspectives of Eastern and Western cultures made me question the notion of absolute truth. I am interested in alternate realities that question the validity of our judgments imposed on material culture.

A banana, a turban, a headscarf, a ritual have different connotations for Eastern and Western audiences. I make artworks that create a situation where I re-contextualize an object, an action, or a matter, in order to deconstruct it. I aim to challenge expected interpretations by creating unexpected occurrences. The process of creation determines the end result, developing context and allowing investigation into deeper issues.

I treat symbolic objects as objects of art. A banana becomes a character in an installation, a turban or headscarf becomes a sculpted art object during a performance, and a religious ritual becomes a performance art piece.

Deconstruction helps undo the common approach and by suggesting alternatives, it questions the original story, the metanarrative. I relate to Jacque Derrida’s ideas of deconstruction on both systematic (deconstruction as a critical outlook concerned with the relationship between text and meaning) and cultural levels.

Thinkers such as Marshal McLuhan, Walter Benjamin, Noam Chomsky, Fredrik De Saussure, Gilles Deleuze, and Roland Barthes have been very important influences in my thinking and practice.